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Ray Carns is based in Phoenix, AZ. He has shown work throughout the U.S. since 1992, in group and one- and two-person exhibitions. He splits his time between writing, photography, and film making.

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Reticulation Technical Statement

The technique Ray uses for some of his black-and-white work is a chemical reticulation process, an acid/base reaction with controlled temperatures. Although, the exact reaction is unpredictable and will vary from negative to negative, depending upon such factors as; the type and age of the film, solution strength and temperature, the process is doing two things: clumping together the silver particles in the film emulsion and softening or melting the emulsion layer.

There are three types of reticulation patterns obtainable; simple, radical, and veiling. Simple reticulation produces a fine pattern of silver particles in the emulsion. Radical reticulation is an extension of simple reticulation, where the emulsion starts to break down and the pattern of the silver particles is more pronounced. Veiling is a further extension, where the emulsion liquifies and disintegrates. Resist material may be added to select areas to prevent reticulation of those areas.

The end result is a manipulated negative from which Ray makes a full-frame, straight, silver gelatin print.

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Select Exhibitions

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One and Two Person Exhibitions

2013: Ray Carns, Visual Arts Gallery, Central Arizona College, Coolidge, AZ
2008: Structure and Flow, Gallery 8, Phoenix, AZ
1995: The San Francisco Seen, Undici Undici, Mesa, AZ
1995: Desert Series, ASU Downtown Galleria, Phoenix, AZ
1995: Sports Reticulated, The Downtown Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
1994: Uncommon Vision, Common Ground, Scottsdale, AZ
1994: Sports Reticulated, The Phoenix Center, Phoenix, AZ
1992: Ray Carns & Patti Parsons, Mystery Gallery, Art Detour, Phoenix, AZ

Group Exhibitions

2014: Cell Phone Photography III, Texas Photographic Society, Longview, TX
2014: Long Shot 2014, Photo Center NW, Seattle, WA
2014: MobileMagic IX, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR
2014: INFOCUS Members' Exhibition, The Vault Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2013: lenZless, Plates to Pixels, online
2013: INFOCUS Members' Exhibition, The Vault Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2013: Light Sensitive 2013, Art Intersection, Gilbert, AZ
2010: Arizona Icon, Phoenix Airport Museum, Phoenix, AZ
2010: Photography by Phoenix Art Museum INFOCUS Members, Photomark Fine Art Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
2010: Summer Saguaro Celebration, Porter Hall Gallery, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tucson, AZ
2010: Tucson Saguaro Photography Invitational, Temple Gallery, Tucson, AZ
2010: 2nd Annual Curious Camera Competition, Photographic Works / ArtsEye, Tucson, AZ
2009: Holgapalooza 2009, Light Leaks Magazine
2008: Group Exhibition, Gallery 8, Phoenix, AZ
2008: Photography and Kiln Work Glass Exhibition, Phoenix Center for the Arts, Phoenix, AZ
2004: Surface Appeal, Herberger Theater Center, Phoenix, AZ
2003: Arizona Room, Mesa Contemporary Arts, Mesa, AZ
2002: Dimensions 2002, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem, NC
2002: Photographic Processes IV, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE
2000: Mystery Gallery, Art Detour 12, Phoenix, AZ
1999: Mystery Gallery, Art Detour 11, Phoenix, AZ
1996: Ephemeral Truths Concept / Reality, San Marcos Fine Arts Center, San Marcos, TX
1996: Image Conscious, Galleria Mesa, Mesa, AZ
1995: Beyond Silver III: Collaborative Views, The Phoenix Center, Phoenix, AZ
1995: Fifth Biennial Photography Exhibition, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University, Logan, UT
1994: Achromatics: An Exhibition in Black and White, Shemer Art Center, Phoenix, AZ
1994: Landscapes of My Mind, Casa Grande Art Museum, Casa Grande, AZ
1993: 16x20 Black and White, Alias Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1993: Art Zone, Jewish Community Center, Denver, CO
1992: 7th Southwestern Contemporary Competition, Yavapai College, Prescott, AZ
1992: Public Hanging, Contemporary Forum, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ
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Travelling Exhibitions

Picture Peace

April - June, 2003:
Herberger Theater Center
Phoenix, AZ
July - September, 2003:
Scottsdale Cultural Exchange
Scottsdale, AZ
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Utah Salt Flats Racing Association
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Film Making

Camera Operator
The Association
Camera Operator
The Association
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2nd Place In the Mood - 1992
3rd Place Centennial Juried Fine Art Show - 1992
2nd Place Vision: Southwest - 1993
2nd Place Landscapes Of My Mind - 1994
2nd Place Journeys - 1995
Special Recognition Landscape II - 2002
3rd Place Photography and Kiln Worked Glass Exhibition - 2008
3rd Place Holgapalooza - 2010
Finalist 30th Annual Spring Photography Contest - 2010
Finalist 31st Annual Spring Competition - 2011
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October 14 - December 2, 1992: "Fun With Photography"
Boys & Girls Clubs of Arizona
American Express Arizona Philanthropic Committee
February 18, 1995: Photographic Reticulation Workshop
The Phoenix Center
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The Lucid Stone Spring 1996 "Tethered Flight" (cover)
"Jesus Wept" (pg 27)
The Lucid Stone Fall 1996 "Chiricahua Meadow" (cover)
"Zebra #2" (pg 51)
The Lucid Stone Fall 1999 "Mending My Father's Heart #2" (pg 13)
"Heart Lace" (pg 31)
"Amaryllis" (pg 42)
Light Leaks Issue 16 2010 "Saguaro 309" (pg 17)
Best of Photography 2010 2010 "Chair Frame" (pg 148)
Best of Photography 2011 2010 "Saguaro 309" (pg 288)
The HAND Magazine 2013 "The Arc of the Sun Across the Sky - 30July" (pg 2)
lenZless Exhibition Catalog 2013 "The Sun's Arc Overhead - 30July" (pg 37)
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Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "The Sun's Arc Overhead - 30July"
Private Collection Strasburg, IL "Tethered Flight"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Desert Series: Saguaro"
"Bananas II"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Ocotillo"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "We Would Need to Remove the Bars"
Private Collection Atlanta, GA "Gymnast"
"Montgomery Clift"
"Montgomery Clift II"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Jackknife"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Mending My Father's Heart #3"
Private Collection Albuquerque, NM "Flamingos"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Zebra #1"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Liberty #1"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "T-Rex"
Private Collection Casa Grande "Columns and Urns"
"Testing the Currents"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Rainbow Falls"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "On the Beach"
Private Collection Phoenix, AZ "Boiling Pots"
Private Collection Buffalo, NY "Saguaro 309"
Casa Grande Art Museum Casa Grande, AZ "The Duke's Bullet Escaped The Frame"
Streich-Lang Collection Phoenix, AZ "Desert Series: Saguaro"
"The Path Crossed The Water"
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1999-2000: Vice President Artlink, Inc. Phoenix, AZ
2000: President Artlink, Inc. Phoenix, AZ
2008-9: Member Gallery 8 Phoenix, AZ
2010-14: Member ASMP Phoenix, AZ
2011-14: Member NAPP
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2013: Pinhole Prints INFOCUS Members Print Share Phoenix, AZ
2012: Bonneville Salt Flats INFOCUS Members Print Share Phoenix, AZ
2012: Bonneville Salt Flats ASMP Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
2011: Fine Art for the Commercial Photographer - A Conversation ASMP Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
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Casa Grande Dispatch "No Holds Barred"

No Holds Barred

"Ray Carns of Phoenix captured second for his black and white photo, "The Duke's Bullet Escaped the Frame." It is a picture of John Wayne firing a gun. The bullet appears to have warped the film." This photograph is included in the permanent collection of the Casa Grande Art Museum in Casa Grande, Arizona.
Casa Grande Dispatch "Landscapes Show Comes to Museum"

Landscapes of My Mind

"Taking second in the show was "Columns and Urns," a photograph by Ray Carns of Phoenix." This photograph was also included in the San Francisco Scene exhibition.
The Arizona Republic / The Phoenix Gazette "Arts-center program samples several media"

Image Conscious

"One of Carns' works, "Testing the Currents," is a silver gelatin print featuring an owl that lost a wing in an accident and cannot be returned to the wild. Carns said it represents how a changing world has created a new awareness of responsibilities to maintain a balance in life." This photograph was taken at Liberty Wildlife.
Winston-Salem Journal "A Choice Collection"

Dimensions 2002

"The show contains other noteworthy photographs by . . . Ray Carns . . ." This photo is included in Desert Series 2.
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